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Chapter 16.


The story of mankind's spiritual awakening, and of the part we play in it.
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An evolutionsits view


The unparalleled success of the human gene reveals its finest achievement in mankind's growing spiritual awareness. The whole evolutionary thrust of the last 4 billion years has led us through the physical achievements of the human body to the spiritual depths of the soul. Souls defy matter, and the spirit of mankind now defies death.

Reflections of eternity: a play on light.

The body has become host to a powerhouse of unbridled intellectual capacity, our brain. The brain functions on the basis of energy waves which, like radio waves, are indestructible and eternal. Every thought we have has an eternal energy, and the host for this eternal energy is the dynamic we call God.

I perceive this god-force to be the energy powering evolution - without this energy there is no evolution, the god-force has no vehicle of expression, no voice and no form; like a radio transmitter without a receiver, a theoretical but unproven faculty. Neither did god make man, nor did man make god - but both are driven by the spirit of evolutionary vigour which resides in the ether of collective, conscious awareness; and this conscious awareness is the one great discovery of the last 100 years of our 4 billion year history.

The world's religious teachers all spoke of an external god, the dualist, 'Him and us' concept of deity. What other language could they have used to engage the attention of illiterate followers? The 'dualist god' is an image for the inner and outer energies of our extraordinary instinct to evolve and our evolving potential for spiritual awareness. This energy expresses itself as Life, through the primal cells, the amoebae and the algae of 4 billion years ago, and the genes that continue to govern the instinct for growth and replication.

This instinct has grown from primitive beginnings into the greatest collective experience of psychic energy we now call God. Just as the world of photosynthesising plants spent a billion years filling our atmosphere with oxygen, long before any animal appeared, so has the instinct for evolution fed, sustained and empowered the primitive energies of eternity. This god-energy comprises every thought, instinct and experience of evolutionary development. We share that energy, power it and are powered by it. More than this, we are now aware of it, and are individually and collectively responsible for it.

The genes of replication govern the hereditary pattern and coloration of this marine shell

In the simplest terms, the evolution of life has developed in character with the long history of evolution, into the next most appropriate form of self expression, the spiritual self, our soul. We are a long way from perfecting this new development, and Christ, Mohammed and Buddha, (the Enlightened One), are among the many messiahs, avatars and prophets of spiritual growth that have become manifest out of our collective consciousness, and come to help us take that great step into eternal knowledge by intellectualising our instinctive functions. The spiritual thrust of mankind powered them all - and our prophets responded to the needs of their own kind.

Evolution mobilises human personality traits as well as purely physical ones. Good and bad must find their relative balance, through participatory experience rather than intellectual appraisal. So must love and hate, generosity and greed, compassion and indifference. The higher values of the human experience, like loyalty, self sacrifice and beneficence are the characteristics that define spiritual ennoblement and show the way of eternity. Lesser values like anger, avarice or greed lead to disillusionment and are eventually abandoned by the evolving spirit in favour of higher goals.

Artists mobilise evolution by expressing the language of the collective unconscious, the astrological drift of the age and the changing face of human values. Art may be temporal or sacred, beautiful or repugnant, anguished or enlightened. The diverse influences of art will all help us to evaluate true worth. And conscious evaluation leads to spiritual evolution20.

20 Francis Bacon's satirical preoccupation with artistic horror and Damian Hirst's predilection for pickled bodies reveal just two image makers whose work we need to evaluate.

Physical growth is no longer our evolutionary goal - but the genes of awareness are still at work, now generating new levels of spiritual growth and co-creating an even greater god. God is no more and no less than the instinct that powers the search for development; first physically, then biologically, now spiritually. For the first 10 billion years of our universe's history no life appeared.

Where was the energy of God? It was busy manifesting itself in the organisation of single, undifferentiated atoms, seeking to requite the laws of science by combining with other atoms to form molecules of matter.

An atom nucleus with its attendant protons, neutrons and electrons.

These molecules then continued their instinctive role in seeking to regenerate themselves with more free atoms, to make more identical molecules before clumping together into visible matter. I detect no creation here, no awareness, just the instinct for attraction of negatively and positively charged atomic particles that characterises the laws of physics and governs the complex state of matter.

The 'Instinct' for life must obey the laws of science - or none of us would exist. This instinct resides in quarks, the regulatory particles governing the identity of atoms, and as such, grouped together into molecules, pervade all matter, all energy and all form in the length and breadth of the entire universe. The clumping together of split atoms after the Big Bang speaks of this instinct to develop, proving the laws of physics and giving birth to the energy we now call God.

I leave you to consider the ultimate question - Who came first? Did our god precede matter, as creationists would have it, or is the scientific miracle of matter slowly evolving into a spiritual environment in which divinity can express itself; a configuration in which we now recognise ourselves to be an indivisible part?



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The feminine, yin or inner aspects of a man's spiritual and emotional energies. (Like sensitivity and creativity).
The masculine, yang or outer aspects of a woman's spiritual and emotional energies. (Like drive and determination).
Recurrent, behavioural model or symbol derived from the collective unconscious. (Like saviour, virgin, jester, hero, fool).
Study of the relationship of planetary placements to human behaviour. Astronomy Study of the astral configurations and planetary placements in the universe.
Spiritual energy field surrounding humans, animals or matter.
Brain- channels
Left-brain controls logic, rational and analytical perspectives. Right-brain governs intuitive, emotional and spiritual perception
Vortices of energy interfacing between dense energy (the body) and the subtle, etheric energies (the spiritual).
A Medium or 'Sensitive' who is able to communicate with a discarnate entity.
Collective- unconscious
The external memory bank of mankind experienced as archetypal motivations (e.g. good (serving) and evil (threatening).
The consciously acknowledged aspects of the self which attempt to control the anti social instincts of the Id.
The balancing of chakras and auras and the alignment of our energy fields.
Higher Self
Our personal spiritual character and guide to inner growth and divinity.
Freud's name for the instinctive or animal- aspects of our personality which seek immediate and unrestrained gratification.
Expansion of the individual's awareness of the unconscious.
Mankind's newly learned faculty of thinking, learning and reasoning.
Cause-and-effect philosophy governing our successive incarnations. Prevails mainly in Buddhist and Hindu cultures.
Our seat of conscious awareness and our window on thought and feeling.
The measured aspects of our true self that we present to the outside world.
Tendency to see in others our own unlived or unawakened personality traits.
The spiritual centre or soul which energises the human state.
Study of the malfunctions of the mind.
The study of the conditions of the mind.
Any of a group of elementary particles governing the nature of sub atomic matter.
Aspects of the personality which are held back from conscious awareness.
Untamed, unlived and denied aspects of the inner self; the dark that defines light.

The individual's incorporeal interface with eternity and divinity.

Sub- conscious
Experiences and memories lodged temporarily below the level of our conscious awareness.
The self imposed face of our ego, with which it is usually in conflict.
Interplay between inner spiritual energies and outer physical experiences.
Unseen, collective energies that influence our thoughts and behaviour without our conscious input. Experienced both on a collective level, i.e., belonging to all of mankind, and on a personal level, relating to our own experience of awareness.
Chinese for 'light' and the active aspects of thought and behaviour associated with masculine, logic and left brain function.
The Yin and Yang interlocking symbol of inner & outer harmony. Chinese for 'dark' and the passive aspects of thought and behaviour associated with feminine, intuition and right brain function.


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