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Chapter 8.


The story of mankind's spiritual awakening,
and of the part we play in it.

© Kit Constable Maxwell


Are we light; do we love, can we feel? The Universe communicates through frequencies of pure Light. Our conscious thoughts and actions shape the light, and the frequencies respond.

Dying to love

A symbolic sculpture which typifies today's faltering expressions
of feeling.

The figure is precariously balanced on a pinpoint
of instability.

The heart area is enlarged to indicate a boundless desire for love.

And the emotional centre is empty, void and unable to express itself.

When we review our relationship with those who share our world, which here includes individuals, social groups, ethnic minorities, political adversaries, outcasts, travellers, foreigners - do we discredit them, or slander them, or deny them? Where we react to them out of anger, our anger speaks of fear. We fear they may threaten our perception of life, our ego, our blinkered myth, and we resent them for it. We are tribal by nature - our success as a species derives much from tribal unity. But now we have an intellect too, and have to accept responsibility for this great and burgeoning gift.

A negative thought process in our conscious mind generates a negative quality of light, a low frequency quality which attracts similar low frequency experiences from life, and the negative attentions of our adversaries is the result. We encounter the grief that others seem to avoid. We experience harassment and stress and we don't know why. We turn critical, aggressive, hostile; we encounter our shadow and perpetuate our own hell.

To maintain the positive frequencies we should actively and continuously review our relationship with the world. Do we project love, tolerance and forgiveness, or hostility, impatience and judgement? Are we judging humans from a human perspective or from a spiritual one? Are we allowing ourselves to be swayed by public opinion and led into an ugly arena of hate and counter-hate? This vicious circle will devour all within it, like the mythical serpent Ouroborus devouring its own tail. Herein lies the very cornerstone of spiritual evolution, the exercising of free will. When we respond from compassion, from maturity, from love, we are suddenly generating the swift moving, higher frequencies of enlightenment; we are light, we attract the light, we dance in the light; we have taken the first steps on the rapidly ascending threshold of pure light and spiritual empowerment. We have disempowered our own negativity and we have obeyed the command of every religion 'to love our neighbour'. We awaken spiritual love, the unwavering, unshakeable love of the soul which provides for the unconditional accommodation of our fellow beings' needs and wants, without judgment, without qualification - all to be distinguished from the irrational moodswings of human love which reveal themselves in the delightful but generally unsustainable expressions of emotional extremes.

Human love is often taken; spiritual love is always given.

Spiritual evolution is all about conscious choice and the day to day choices of our society. I believe we must preserve our social codes and punish those who break them: the molesters, the rapists, the killers; but we can choose whether we commit them to jail, or to death, with shouts of self righteous outrage or with quiet compassion and a deep spiritual sympathy. Humans learn from experience; both victim and victor will have something to learn from criminal violations. The demands of life can be tough, ask any victim. But human history pays scant regard for social niceties....

Love is not merely a desirable development, it is an emotional necessity. Every human needs love and will often go to extraordinary lengths to find it. Addiction and prostitution are often powered by the unhappy search for love. Women who live with bullies, batterers, drunks, all know they experience an inverted form of love, and respond to the need; and maybe, even, revel in the response; their life becomes a spiritual exercise. This is a negative response, and one that usually has its roots in a stressful childhood. The negative expression of love is hate - so hate becomes an inverted form of communication. The absence of love is called indifference - and for those who have not yet learned to love and cherish themselves, this indifference may express itself as an overwhelming loneliness and emptiness where only isolation, despair and self destruction - mental or physical - are left.

Overt exhibitionism and other behavioural extremes generally reveal our subconscious search for love - those who may need to prove their sexuality or their individuality, or those who live by society's transient values, they all shout the same message. They need to activate undifferentiated values, they need to develop self love, they need identity. They embark on the rituals of courtship, the mating duels and displays of human encounter. Much posturing counters the insults of youth, or those whose personality or sexuality has been questioned by their parents, their teachers, their jeering companions. Fathers who compete with their growing sons or mothers who harbour jealousy for their maturing daughters are all experiencing a powerful force in our emotional development. These are all experiences in the search for love....

Sometimes we find it necessary to orchestrate negativity in our life or in our family to draw attention to unconscious wounds. The dutiful child who suddenly abandons law and order on a sudden whim is telling the world he wants to be noticed. We see in him the negative actions of the errant child, goading life and society, encountering emotional boundaries and our deity's indifference. Hypochondria, anorexia (more common in girls) and bulimia are all ways of exercising subconscious control and gaining the attention of a sometimes indifferent, inhibited or unresponsive family circle. Some experiences lie beyond our conscious control, like parentage, fate and karma. But it is we who choose our response to a situation, and while negativity, repression and depression may serve the fleeting needs of human feeling, our spiritual growth and survival responds solely to our conscious and positive input.

Neither must we repress our wounds with hollow props and resonant platitudes, nor must we indulge our crisis with martyred brow and self pity. Mankind's haphazard journey through evolution is punctuated by change and it sometimes falls upon us to accept and initiate that change for posterity. There have been many innocent victims through history on the road to self awareness and social tolerance that the world now enjoys. The atrocities committed in modern ethnic and religious wars polarise feelings into extremes of hate which can last for generations. These unwelcome experiences generally land on the heads of the civilian population, women, children and the elderly, while their menfolk act out the projections of their collective will....

We need to need, and need to feel. Life's fateful blows and the many challenges of our unpredictable life engage our deepest feelings. And in feelings lie the roots of emotional awareness. Feelings of unexpressed anger, feelings of unvoiced sadness, feelings of disappointment, of remorse, of regret - all crave recognition and attention.

Many are unable to accept love for a variety of complicated and generally fathomable reasons, usually stemming from a deprived, exploited or misguided childhood. As we begin to thrive on chaos, we subconsciously drive off any would-be friend and then wonder why we are alone. The subliminal energies that govern our life take often desperate measures to redress this with the sort of catastrophes and calamities that force us out of our protective armour into sudden dependence upon the love, support and understanding of others. These disempowering events include sickness, poverty, disablement, bereavement, addiction, nervous breakdown. Our insular world is shattered, our mask falls and we start to become human at last.

Love is the greatest emotion, and our need to feel is the need to know love.

The one enduring quality of personal development is Self Love; when we can truly treasure ourselves, and genuinely cherish the totality of our being, then we are beyond the reach of negativity, beyond reproach. Then we can give our love unilaterally, without requiring deals in return. Then we can withstand the hate of those who need to hate; then we can spread the light of spiritual enlightenment, not through what we say, and not through what we do, but through what we genuinely are, a blazing spark of the eternal life force, the human face of eternity.

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