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Forest trail in the Auvergne, Spring 02

This page is about expeditions and travel. Links refer to articles, trips and photographs from India to Afghanistan, Morocco to Saudi Arabia. Click on any link below.

Desert Trip to Libyan Fezzan
Photo safari across the Awbari sand sea, Libya 2005 - click here
Travels in the Western Desert
Mt Uweinat climbed, Wadi Sura explored.- click here
Land Rover in the Auvergne
French randonée 'Pistes des Lions' - click here
'Morocco Off-Piste' -November
Photo Safari to the dunes, gorges and desert pistes
-click here
Chinguetti - Holy City in the Sand
Mauritania travel article,
-click here
Vehicle Preparation
Hints and tips for overland travellers -click here
Land Rover Owner Magazine
One Man (Kit) and His Rovers... -click here
Photo Gallery - 'Desert and Travel'
Desert and travel photographs - click here

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