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page size is 30cm x 23cm. iPads and Tablets are too small.
The file size is 100Mb and will take a few minutes to download.
Click the link, enter password when prompted and you will be invited to ‘Save’ or ‘Download’. Select ‘Save as…  Desktop’.
Then you won’t have to wait for the page to reload each time.
Alternatively wait until it opens and then click
‘File > Save as… > Desktop’. Happy reading

Apple Magic - On clicking your link and entering password,
the PDF file opens. There is a small downward pointing arrow
at top right of the Safari browser window.
Clicking this actually enables the document to be saved in the Apple Finder, anywhere you like: eg select Desktop,
from the side bar right or create new folder in the finder
and then save. To open, go to the Finder itself
(or Desktop if saved there), and click.
Re-enter password to view.



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