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The Kitmax Twin-Top TuckBox

For the full drawings, assembly notes, cutting list, materials and tools, click here

Quad 1.5w flash head £45
Cartridge bag £7
Antique studio spotlight, £90
1950's Studio spotlight £90
Studio spotligh £95
Developing trays £5
Bowens Quad 1.5w flash £45
Small pony saddle, 16" £35
Barnett crossbow £85
Barnett crossbow £85
Antique Roman Missal
Roman missal, Latin
Wood wine rack £4
Vacuum cleaner £7
Panel heater £7
Wine rack £4
Pair of axle stands £7
Picture frames from £2 each
Bolt-down travel safe £15
Bolt-down travel safe £15
BS Racing helmet £15
BS certification
Leitz Pradovit projector £25
Jaguar Etype dashboard £25
Snow, sand or mud ladders £35
Pair of axle stands £7
Emergency starter pack £25
Engine workshop trolley £15

Motoring books and workshop manuals for Ferrari,
Lamborghini, Jaguar, etc from £1 each

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For more information on any item, please ring Kit at 01963 23655

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